About us

Vietnam Medical Plastic JSC was established in 2008, has headquarter at Lot B5 – Tam Diep Industrial Zone – Tam Diep City – Ninh Binh Province, where is a convenient transport system connecting with provinces across the country.

We are a professional manufacture of disposable sterile medical device. The total area of two factory is around 53.000 m2 included the 1st factory has total area about 20.000 m2 with 3.000 m2 of clean room; the 2nd factory has total area about 33.000 m2 with 8.000 m2 of clean room which met cGMP standard and operated by central air-conditioning system met clean room class 100.000 and a modern clean air treatment filter complex.

More than 400 employees are professional and experienced, including more than 45 people with bachelor degree and over, regular trained to improve their professionalism and always devoted to building the company incessantly.

In addition, the line of machinery and equipment are invested modernly with high automation feature applied advanced European technology to produce products such as disposable plastic syringe of various sizes, disposable infusion set, disposable vaginal speculum, suction tubing, rectal tube, stomach tube, testing tube, urine tube with bag, v.v… met the customer requirements and always confirming the quality through accurate and standard testing equipment.

We has built the quality management system and strictly applied according to cGPM, EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 standard. We always aware of the importance of product quality with the slogan: “Development from quality and health safety”.

Currently, our products have distributed and widely used in almost provinces and cities across country and exported.

With a nation distribution network, our company are always available in the market with certain position “Where there are health services, there are MPV product”.

Welcome to our company. Together contributing to improving the quality of life and protecting human health.

Sincerely thank you!